Perfectly Sweet: The Best Pastry Shops In Paris

The country of France is rich in its pastry industry, this originated in the thought of using a sweet treat following a meal. Aside from to be the “City of Love”, Paris houses some of the best pastry shops that serve mouthwatering croissants, fruit tarts, macarons, millefeuille, and also the famous – au Chocolat. Listed below are the very best pastry shops around Paris.

10 Bon Temps Café

Bon Temps Café is working in the 3rd arrondissement from the city, specially in 57 rue de Bretagne. This café is known for its seasonal fruit tarts and the beautiful ambiance of the place. The store also serves special desserts, especially during holidays. Service options include takeout and via delivery, it's open from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Lots of customers would come back here due to its elegant and cozy atmosphere and also the employees are highly attentive.

9 Boulangerie Utopie

Boulangerie Utopie is situated in the corner of 20 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud in 11th arrondissement of the city. People would bombard this shop whether it is through the locals or tourists because of its unique servings. This shop offers exotic flavors of pastry such as the sesame roll which is surprisingly creamy and the very popular jet-black activated-charcoal baguette. It is a classic haven for foodies because the pastries are beautifully and creatively crafted; it also serves travel cakes such as brownies, cookies, etc.

8 Boulangerie Chambelland

Another haven in the 11th arrondissement of the city is the Boulangerie Chambelland of 14 rue Ternaux. The organization is really popular due to its one-of-a-kind method of guarantee a high quality of production, it also has partner outlets all over the world. What's special about the pastries in Chambelland is that it doesn't have a additives and are purely crafted from rice and buckwheat flours. Bestsellers here are tartlets, cookies, cakes to go, choux pastries, and customized cakes.

7 Angelina

Angelina are available in the 1st arrondissement of the city, specially in 226 rue de Rivoli. The shop is famous for its hot chocolate called “L'Africain” and Mont-Blanc, a sweetened chestnut puree. Its recipe originated from 1903 and is still being used up to now. The place is pretty much luxurious and elegant, and that's why a lot of people would dine here. Its newly released collection is the Yule logs, a unique winter collection inspired with a Christmas forest.

6 Patissier Stohrer

Branded as one of the first pastry shops in Paris is Patissier Stohrer, found in the 2nd arrondissement of the city specifically in 51 rue Montorgueil. The shop was founded in 1730 and specializes in Baba au rhum, a small serving of pastry full of whipped cream and syrup created using hard liquor. There are three varieties of rum baba, Ali Baba, Baba Aux, and Baba Chantilly. The store is not readily available for dine-in, so pastries are taken out or delivery.

5 La Patisserie By Cyril Lignac

Operating within the 11th arrondissement of the city specifically in 24 rue Paul Bert is the La Patisserie by Cyril Lignac. This shop serves one of the best croissants in town. The shop is popular because of the Television shows of Chef Cyril Lignac and the published cookbooks. Chef Cyril provides a signature touch in his croissant along with other pastries which makes it one of the best in the united states. Similar to the pastry shop above, La Patisserie doesn't offer dine-in services.

4 Des Gateaux et du Pain

The best shop to visit when it comes to apple turnover may be the Des Gateaux et du Pain, located in the 6th arrondissement of the city, specifically in 89 rue du Bac. Chef Claire Damon includes a different undertake Chausson aux Pommes making it the shop's certainly one of best sellers. Other best seller pastries here include muslin brioche, vanilla french toast, chocolate bread, and the lemon slipper. The shop is well-rated by customers to have great services and also the correct amount of pastry prices.

3 La P^atisserie du Meurice by Cédric Grolet

Chef Cedric Grolet is internationally noted for being the World's Best Pastry Chef, his specialties are his impressive fruit sculpté. It's molded like a fruit but the inside is a sweet pastry, Chef Cedric Grolet is really creative making his works unique. Le Meurice is situated in the first arrondissement from the city, specifically in 6 rue de Castiglione. Orders are for pick-up and take-out since the shop doesn't offer delivery and dine-in services.

2 Carl Marletti

Located in the 5th arrondissement of the city, specifically in 51 rue Censier is Carl Marletti, named after its owner. The shop is highly popular because of its fraisier, a strawberry pudding, which Chef Carl Marletti made in a larger version perfect for family gatherings. The shop opens from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM however it depends on the holiday season. Additionally, it offers delivery services but no dine-in. Carl Marletti can also be one of the best pastry shops in France.

1 Le Petit Grain

Operating within the 20th arrondissement of the city, specially in 7 rue Denoyez is the Le Petit Grain. The shop served in a men's fashion show in Paris, today, it is already probably the most visited pastry shops in Paris. It focuses on kouign-amann, round, and multilayered Breton cake from the laminated dough. It is also full of butter and crunchy sugar. The store is open from 9:00 AM to eight:00 PM depending on the holidays.