Love Whiskey? Think about a Historic Tasting Tour In Scotland

Scotland is known for many things which range from screeching bagpipes to men in kilts (and traditionally not wearing any underwear) and from its world-famous whiskies to the under popular haggis made from sheep stomachs. Scotland is home to most of the places any whiskey lover should add to their bucket list.

Distilleries in Scotland come in all shapes and sizes. There are large ones complete with innovative displays and exhibits to small ones that preserve their distilling techniques and secrets in the 18th century. Alternatively, use a bourbon tasting tour in Kentucky with a bourbon tour worth your cocktail hour.

Scotland: the house of Whisky

Today there are over 130 active whisky distilleries spread across Scotland. They can be split up into five whisky-producing regions; Campbeltown, Highland, Islay, Lowland, and Speyside. Where a whisky is made can have a huge bearing on its flavor, its flavor is affected by many things such as the source of water and also the presence of peat from our area.

  • Distilleries: Over 130 Active Whisky Distilleries In Scotland

There are lots of Scottish Whisky Distillery Tours to choose from. All these offers another chance to find out about the way the spirit is created. The very first known written reference to Scotch whisky is from the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland from 1494.

  • Name: Scotch Whisky can also be Just Called Scotch
  • Dram: The Unit For Drinking Whisky
  • Name: The Work Whisky Is From The Gaelic Word “Uisge Beatha” Or “Usquebaugh” Meaning “Water of Life”

Scottish whiskies are malt whiskies or grain whiskies or perhaps a mixture of the 2. Originally all Scotch whisky is made from malted barley but began introducing whiskey made from wheat and rye in the late 18th century.

All Scotch whisky is aged in oak barrels for at least 3 years and the minimum bottling strength based on regulation is 40% alcohol.

Four-Day Isley Whisky Tour

With this four-day Isley Whisky tour by Scottish Routes, one is certain to fall in love with the isle of Islay. Islay is home to some of Scotland's finest whisky distilleries and is something of the Scottish island paradise. One will also relish the stunning scenery, ancient history, and traditional culture from the isle.

On the very first day from the tour, one will head into the Highlands. Following a stop in the city of Oban and its distillery, you will be boarding the night ferry to Islay. The ferry crossing takes around A couple of hours while offering beautiful views of the islands of Gigha, Jura, and Islay.

Isle of Islay:

  • Population: 3,000 People
  • Distilleries: There Are 9 Distilleries Around the Isle of Islay

Arriving in Islay, one will check into The Bowmore House or Freewinds for any three-night stay. The following two full days are exploring the isle with plenty of choices for sightseeing. One will see empty beaches, whitewashed villages, ancient sites, the Kildalton Cross, medieval strongholds, fresh seafood, local wildlife, and traditional cultures.

If one would prefer to stay for longer, then there's also their five-day Islay Whisky Tour. To those who wish to experience because Islay as you possibly can. On this tour, they visit every distillery on the island and taste a range of drams.

  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Location: Islay
  • Group Size: Max. Quantity of Guests 16
  • Distilleries: Tour And Tasting At Oban Distillery, Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Kilchoman, Bruichladdich, Along with a Warehouse Cask Tasting At Bunnahabhain
  • Tour Guide: Features a Tour Guide

Speyside Whisky Trail

The Speyside Whisky Trail is really a three-day tour which includes visits to the Lindores Abbey Distillery, Dalwhinnie Distillery, Benromach Distillery, the Cardhu Distillery, and the Glenlivet Distillery. Additionally, you will also go to the Cairngorms National Park, The forest Spey, the town Elgin with its best little whisky shop in the world, and Royal Deeside.

  • Cardhu Distillery: The first distillery pioneered with a woman, Helen Cumming
  • Speyside: Home Of Over Half Of Scotland's Malt Whisky Distilleries

This tour is a whisky lover's paradise that takes someone to a whisky lover's heaven – Speyside. Speyside is home to over 1 / 2 of Scotland's malt whisky distilleries. On this tour, one will get the chance to explore four distilleries and find out how whisky is so engrained in Scottish culture.

  • Luggage: Most people are Restricted To 14 Kg or 31 lbs Of bags Per PersonDiscounts: There Are Discounts For Students and Seniors Over 60
  • Age Restriction: Should be 18 Years Old and Up

Tip: Scotland Is Notoriously Wet, Pack Waterproof Clothing

  • Includes: A 16 Seat Mercedes Mini-Coach
  • Excludes: Accommodation And Entry Fees And Tastings (Distilleries Charge lb10 – lb30 for any tasting or tour)

No tour of Scotland could ever be complete with no tour of Scotland's world-famous distilleries. And many of them are in idyllic picturesque and historic locations.