Does NYC Really Have The Best Pizza? Take A Tour & Discover!

Who in the country has got the best pizzas? New Yorkers stubbornly claim they naturally do. They are saying their pizzas place the likes of recent Jersey and Chicago to shame. But can they have the best pizzas? The best way to discover is to try it out for oneself!

Of course, pizzas are an Italian dish – so if one is really serious about pizza then try a pizza tasting tour in Italy too. Italy includes a rich culinary tradition – and it is a lot more than just pizza, there is much to understand about Italy's food culture. It's possible to even learn to make a traditional Naples-style pizza at home.

Public Scott Pizza Tours

Scott's Pizza Tours provides a selection of pizza tours within the Big Apple and can take people to a number of NYC's best pizzerias. On these tours, you will learn much more than just the taste and texture of the pizzas. Find out more than one thought possible concerning the history, science, and culture of recent York City's prized pizza traditions.

Public Walking Pizza Tours

This is also a great way to see Nyc simultaneously. Want to be shown the very best pizzerias in town with pizza experts.

  • When: Friday To Sunday
  • Note: Brand new Tour Routes
  • Included: Pizza is roofed
  • Cost: $59 Per Person

Pizza Bus Tour: This is the flagship tour and adds a new and exciting twist to discovering classic pizzerias in addition to new hotspots and hidden gems past the confines of Manhattan. This tour is definitely led through the owner Scott.

  • When: On Sundays
  • Cost: $79 Per Person

Private Pizza Tours

Scotts Pizza Tours offers several private pizza tours of New York City. It's possible to explore the pizzerias on foot, having a pizza tour bus, or with one's own vehicle.

Private Pizza Walk: On the Private Pizza Walk, it's possible to experience the nuances of NYC's pizza scene and visit multiple pizzerias. One can observe how they exhibit different ovens, dough fermentation schedules, tomato selection, and cheese preparation. One will learn all about the good reputation for pizza and satisfy the pizza makers and tour their kitchens. Enjoy a customized pizza tour to one's group's schedule and needs.

  • Cost: Starting At $695.00

Private Pizza Bus Tour: This is a fun team development or group activity while in the The big apple. The non-public Pizza Bus tour showcases four distinct styles in four different parts of the town and spans 4 to 5 hours.

Everyone receives a slice per stop as well as sodas along with a Pocket Pizza Journal to help keep track of the pizza tastings. It is really an ideal foodie experience for foodie groups.

  • Cost: Starting From $1,695
  • Duration: Four to five Hours

Bring Your Own Bus: If one is in a group and exploring around NYC in one's own vehicle then one can save on cost significantly. Which this tour they will send a guide to satisfy the group in the first stop after which visit amazing pizzerias within the next 4.5 hours. Pizza, sodas, along with a Pocket Pizza Journal are all included.

This tour is ideal for day-trippers and pizza clubs. Pricing starts at 16 guests but if you have an inferior group that is also welcome.

  • Cost: Starting At $69.00 per Person
  • Duration: 4.5 Hours

Virtual Pizza Classes

There's more to pizzas than tasting them at pizzerias. Why don't you learn how to make them by oneself? Scotts Pizza Tours offers virtual pizza-making classes for folks to refine their skills. One can choose either the Dough or Pizza Making Class.

With the pizza dough workshop, all of your questions regarding dealing with flour, water, salt, and yeast will be answered. With the pizza-making class, you will be guided with the process of stretching, topping, and baking an ideal pie in one's home.

The instruction is held by Scott Wiener – the pizza expert who's the host of “Really Dough” on Amazon Prime.

With this interactive online class, you will learn the tip and tricks of making great pizzas at home. Begin to see the list for all the ingredients and equipment that one will need first – or buy a Pizza Dough Making kit.

If one is having issues locating the ingredients, they can even ship ingredient kits to one's group (as long as they're within the continental US)

  • Cost: Starting At $299.00 Per Online Session










Pizza Dough Workshop:

  • Duration: 90 Minutes
  • Attendance: As much as 500 People Per Online Class

Pizza Making Class:

  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Attendance: Up To 500 People Per Online Class