Loama Resort, Maldives: Hotel Review

Looking for a holiday in paradise? We believe we’ve thought it was. Beautiful Loama Resort is only an hour from Male, the capital from the Maldives, and is absolutely stunning. We fell in love with the place – find out why you need to allow it to be your next holiday today:

Loama Resort: The Background

Expect: a stunning natural tapestry of sun-kissed lagoons, palm-fringed beaches and postcard-perfect panoramas of a Maldives island spread over 100 hectares of pristine coral reef within the Raa Atoll. Previously Loama Resort would be a deserted island, acquired with a Singaporean company who, after they began to excavate, found archeological ruins, a properly and artefacts from the Buddhist Era on the thousand years back. It’s a treasure waiting to be discovered; the area is rich in history, colour and life.

Some say this island is where the traditional Buddhist king kept his concubines – it's suspected that the Buddhist temple lies underneath the sand. Actually, just one month ago, a perfectly in tact terracotta vase from a thousand years back is discovered. This is the only island having a museum and an memorial and it also sponsors exhibitions of international artists. We like.

Loama Resort: The Vibe

There is a idyllic peacefulness which pervades this resort. But it’s not short on things you can do; the 6 gastronomic venues at the resort provide a variety of flavours from around the world, whilst Loama Spa offers the ultimate pampering experience for a complete rejuvenation from the senses. There’s a state-of-the-art Fitness Centre, meditation and yoga classes coupled with the 30-meters beachfront infinity pool, that will revitalize mind and body inside a paradise setting.

This is definitely an island having a colonial feel, as though time has stood delightfully still, with its dreamy thatched water villas leading onto turquoise sea. In fact, it's possible to recline over the sea as the bathroom only has three walls and, suspended over the water, is really a traditional bed where you can nap hearing the waves lapping below.

Loama Resort: The Accommodation

This paradise Maldives island features 105 elegantly appointed beachfront and over-water guestrooms including 5 luxurious suites, each one of these commanding spectacular views from the shimmering Indian Ocean. There’s accommodation to suit every guest; the Beach Villas are nestled amidst lush natural foliage, just steps from the Indian Ocean, and feature spacious private outdoor bathrooms and beachside decks.

For a sea lovers, the Ocean Villas, with either sunrise or sunset views, include private decks with steps leading straight to the Indian Ocean, where you can snorkel straight to the house reef. The Ocean Villas are beautifully equipped and colonial in style; open the door in the foot of the bed and appear out into the endless turquoise from the sea. Heaven.

Loama Resort: The Food

From authentic Maldivian cuisine to Asian-infused flavours and contemporary European cuisine, the restaurants at Loama Resort will satisfy everyone. With 6 restaurants, there's much variety within this resort. If you wish to taste it all, a huge buffet is spread at each meal with various stations for salads, desserts and a chef to whom you bring your chosen food for stir frying. There is delicious array of curries, chicken, fish and all you could ever imagine. When they haven’t got it displayed all you have to get it done ask and they'll somehow think it is having a hand resting on heart and the words “my lady”.

The food is complimented by the incredible dining settings. To relax, next to the Ira Restaurant is a ocean front bar with bean bags, where individuals arrived at mingle and watch the sun heading down whilst having a Maldivian cocktail. The sunsets all around the Maldives are spectacular. You can eat by the infinity pool near the Ira Cafe, which serves first class lunches overlooking both pool and ocean. For supper, Iru Restaurant serves great Italian food within the most perfect setting. Try the lobster soup – it’s simply divine.

Loama Resort: Those activities

There’s a whole host of relaxing things to do to test. Relaxation or adventure, the resort has many activities to suit the young and young at heart, such as ancient baths and traditional house, Loama Cultural Museum & Art Gallery, cooking classes, local village visits, sunrise and sunset fishing by traditional Dhoni, scuba diving and more.

There are the typical water activities and, particularly, incredible snorkelling inside a sea so clear you can see your toes. Activities include sunset fishing in a Dhoni, which is not to become missed since it is exhilarating as well as educational. It's possible to take notice of the most amazing sunsets whilst throwing your line and awaiting a catch, which is brought back towards the dining area and served exactly as you want, grilled, steamed or fried. We had grouper with garlic and lemon, and red snapper steamed with soya and ginger. Served with such courtesy and style it made the fish catching ceremony doubly special. Lots of people come here to get married – they rent dresses in the resort’s shop and also have their photoshoot on a romantic stretch of beach.

Loama Resort: The Excursions

Maldives isn't just about relaxing with a lie on the beach and soaking under the sun, it also offers many other things you can do. Aside from the famous capital Malé, a trip to Loama Maamigili will give you an insight to local culture and history with trips towards the local indigenous islands. Fishing at sunset or before sunrise is among the best experiences which allows guests to re-live a significant, traditional Maldivian trade.

A Half hour journey away by speedboat, is a touch island strangely untouched by today’s world – apart from the proven fact that the men, reclining inside a traditional swing suspended from trees, actually have iPads, it is the strangest clash of civilisations and cultures.

On maui, you will be entertained in a traditional home made out of coral and served Maldivian fare – tuna curry and chapati eaten using the fingers. Afterwards you will have the opportunity of photographing some of the locals. The ladies would be the shyest in the world and without any vanity or understanding of a world beyond their little island. You have to take this trip because it is a look in to the islands that you won’t see whilst remaining in probably the most resorts.

Loama Resort: The Staff

Perhaps the reason why it is an ideal resort for couples, young and old, is that the management spread their warmth and give the island this type of loving atmosphere, it is a sunshine island in each and every feeling of the word. This hotel is newly opened and the staff and management can’t do enough to greet you and make your stay marvellous. The service is quite, quite impeccable. In fact bad weather arose whilst I was swimming at the lake along with a smiling man held an umbrella open when ever I wanted to leave using the words “my lady”. It can’t have more charming than that. Every whim is content with the broadest and sunniest smile the second you utter your request. Inside a few days, it began to believe that one were sticking with family and this was home.

Loama Resort: The Spa

Loama Spa is located amidst the luxurious vegetation of Maamigili – a haven inside a haven extending out to sea through the spa jetty. The spa faces southwest to capture stunning sunsets; with spa villas that feature glass bottom from which you can feast your eyes on the numerous colourful marine life throughout the treatment, you'll feel that you have been transported into an oasis of relaxation and tranquility.

After indulging in the truly amazing snorkelling and swimming available one needs a traditional Maldivian scrub. Here you are exfoliated using the ground shells of coconuts mixed with acrylic for any glorious 30 minutes before you take a baby shower. The following An hour of massage on freshly exfoliated skin, are with with aromatic oil. Request the exhilarating oil otherwise you will go to sleep watching the fishes underneath the massage room. This lady is certainly definitely returning to Loama – just try and keep me away.