Airbnb To Forbid Parties Once more Over July 4th And Memorial Day

Airbnb is planning to discourage people from holding illegal parties using its site ahead of Memorial Day and July 4th.

On Wednesday, the home-share company declared that it will adopt “strong anti-party measures” the very first time for Memorial Day weekend and that it will repeat the policy for July 4th weekend, that was effective this past year.

Airbnb will even require guests booking in their own individual neighborhoods to sign an “anti-party attestation,” by which they must “affirmatively attest they understand that Airbnb forbids parties which if they break the rule, they might be prone to law suit in the company.”

Commenting concerning the move, the organization assured it does not take such steps lightly.

“We do not take these measures lightly. Both Memorial Day and also the 4th of July are meaningful weekends that allow our Hosts to facilitate all kinds of responsible travelers including families,” the organization wrote in a statement. 

The new policy, which applies to bookings in the US, Puerto Rico, and also the US Virgin Islands will also prohibit users from booking a house for just one night and will also have an impact on those who have no reviews.

“We also realize that the straightforward fact of not yet having reviews does not necessarily mean that the guest is attempting to throw a celebration – this can be a trade-off we are willing to make within the interest of trust and safety.”

Regular Airbnb visitors having a good reputation for favorable ratings, on the other hand, will not be impacted by these restrictions, the organization said.

All of those actions began in 2022 following a tragic shooting in a rental home in California. Airbnb then promised to enforce stricter rules on house parties.

Since then, Airbnb has restricted bookings for various holidays, including Halloween in 2022 and New Year’s Eve in 2022.