1-Month Long Free Stays on NYC's Governors Island Available for Selected Artists

New York City's Governors Island will soon welcome six artists for 30-day residencies. The retreats, which are the consequence of a collaboration between Collective Retreats and NYC Culture Club, will cost nothing.

Collective Retreats is really a hospitality company, while NYC Culture Club is definitely an art exhibition platform and hub. Together, they've partnered to create an enriching experience for artists who need to escape it all.

Artists thinking about the chance will need to submit proposals about how exactly they'll use their time to create art on Governors Island.

Though organizers are open to accepting artists from the Nyc area, they plan to give preference to artists from more distant locations. They wish to allow artists who've never visited the area to see exactly what the region offers.

Any type of artist may apply no matter medium, including dancers and gratifaction artists.

The chosen artists will stay in accommodations provided by Collective Retreats.

Each artist will remain inside a luxury yurt or cabin, and three meals each day will be included. Governors Island has gorgeous natural spaces, and it is only a short ferry ride from Manhattan.

Artists will even receive a $1,000 stipend to cover expenses.

Nicholas Wirth, general manager at Collective Retreats, expressed excitement concerning the project. Wirth said that using hospitality to cultivate the arts is a lifelong dream.

Collective Retreats offers multiple areas for residents to demonstrate the work they do. The cutoff date for applications is April 15.