Traveling Internationally with TravelPass: Unlimited Calls, Text and Data

A couple of years ago, I went to the Bahamas and tried to use my phone for around an hour or so eventually. I simply desired to get on Facebook, post several pictures, and check my email. I figured that surely simply using it to have an hour wouldn’t cost an excessive amount of. I was severely wrong. After i returned home and checked my bill, it had been over $300!! Needless to say, I haven’t used my phone in a foreign country again without getting an international plan on it. Which international plans usually limit your calling, texting, and data to next to nothing. I’m thrilled to announce that Verizon wireless carrier is changing all of that thanks to their new TravelPass program!

I recently tried out TravelPass within my trip to Israel and Verizon was even kind enough to hook me track of a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Both phone and TravelPass worked like a dream making my trip much more enjoyable.

So what's TravelPass?

TravelPass allows you to keep the current phone plan, and employ your phone just like you normally would home, while in a variety of foreign countries. So if you have unlimited calling and text, and 16 gb of data per month in your own home, that’s exactly what you will have abroad. Pretty cool, huh?

There are a few costs added to your bill to make use of TravelPass, but it's very affordable compared to other international calling plans. If you are traveling within Mexico or Canada, it’s just $2 each day, so if you're visiting almost any other country (such as Israel) it’s just $10 per day.

It’s also extremely simple to set up TravelPass. After i landed in Israel, I turned on my Galaxy S7 Edge and immediately got a text from Verizon. It asked if I want to use TravelPass within my trip, and I quickly responded back having a resounding “Yes”. It was as simple as that. From then on, I was free to call, text, and employ data around I needed to.

Using my Galaxy S7 Edge at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

As a travel blogger that basically lives on social media, I LOVED TravelPass! It allowed me to post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as much as I needed to, and that i being capable of making some pretty epic Facebook Live videos. This would have cost a fortune to do internationally without TravelPass. I additionally called family home and told them all about how much fun I was having in Israel. It had been so nice not having to worry about overages.

Benefits from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

To be honest, I'm a loyal iPhone user. I've had an iPhone since the very first iPhone came out in 2007. However, with this visit to Israel, Verizon asked if I’d like to try out a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I was hesitant at first, but thought it might be fun to test a new phone for a couple weeks. And surprisingly, I ended up loving it and I’m even considering switching over to a Galaxy. Here are some things that I truly liked:

travelpass verizon tips review

1. The Camera

Whether I had been photographing the sunrise during a heat balloon ride or even the Old City in Jerusalem, this phone took incredible pictures. With a 12 gb camera, all photos were superior and I couldn’t believe how much better the photos were out of this Galaxy S7 than on my iPhone 6.

2. Water Resistant

Since the Galaxy S7 Edge is water resistant, I was able to freely utilize it at the beach as well as in the desert. There wasn't any anxiety about it getting damaged and that would be a good feeling, since I tend to be pretty rough with my iPhone usually.

3. The Screen

The Galaxy S7 Edge has the clearest screen that I’ve ever seen. It’s a perfect size, along with a bit larger than my iPhone 6, but the phone continues to be small enough to slot in you. Because the screen wrapped round the edge (and so the name from the phone), it was also easier to view videos or just surf the Internet.

These were only a few of the numerous reasons why I loved using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I believe that it may be the perfect phone to travel with, especially due to the fantastic camera so when I get my next upgrade, I might need to switch over to #TeamSamsung.

travelpass verizon tips review

I’m getting excited about using TravelPass (and possibly a Galaxy phone) on many trips in the future. Finally, there's a wonderful international service available that doesn’t cost a leg along with a leg. Thanks Verizon!

Have you used TravelPass already or are you going to later on??