White-Water Rafting In Colorado: How Much It is & More FAQs, Answered


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The Rocky Hills are renowned for their spectacular whitewater rivers, and Colorado has its own fair share of fine rafting spots. Colorado whitewater rafting boasts pure, gushing streams encircled by breathtaking landscapes to have an unforgettable experience. In Colorado, whitewater rafting is a popular activity. The show begins in April which last till October, and it involves when the mild weather melts the ice on the hills, rising water levels, and, consequently, the current's pace. The white water rafting season also coincides with Colorado's stunning wildflower season.Visitors can pick a entire river that suits their amount of adventure, and great instructors and outfitters will make sure that travelers possess the experience with an eternity.From picturesque floats where tourists can see wildlife or sit comfortably and hear the environment to heart-stopping whitewater rafting adventures with rolling waves and heart-pumping kayaking, tourists can also enjoy it all. The whitewater rafting operators provide a thrilling experience for visitors of any level of skill or affordability.

The Mighty Colorado River Rafting Trip

The Colorado River is among the most well-known rivers in the United States. To begin with, this huge 1,450-mile-long stream slices seven states of the country. It is the entity that carved the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

It is among the top whitewater spots in the United States. As the Grand Canyon is probably the most known stretch, rafting Colorado in Colorado is actually a must-do. The river flows through many gorges with breathtaking views, spanning both furious rapids and smooth, quiet portions, making it suitable for people of abilities.

Costs For Rafting In Upper Colorado

The Upper Colorado River would work for people searching for stunning canyon beauty and gentle whitewater. All ages will love moderate Class II and III waves. The Rocky Mountain Adventures Company organizes rafting trips on the river.


  • Cost- $65+
  • Timing Slots- 8:30 am; 1 pm
  • Age Limit- 4 years and above


  • Cost- $95 For Adults
  • $85 For Youth (4 to 12 years)
  • Timing Slots- 8:30 am
  • Age Limit- Four years and above

The Iconic Arkansas River Rafting Trip

The Arkansas River boasts a 5,000-foot plunge across a 125-mile stretch, so don't be alarmed. This famous river is suitable for everyone, with classifications which range from Class I to Class V. It is also conveniently accessible because of its proximity to Denver. The vistas are breathtaking, particularly when it reaches the Royal Gorge.

Echo Canyon River Adventures boasts to be the very best white water vacation lodge in central Colorado for a Royal Gorge trip. The organization supplies a number of rafting excursions, from family floats on calm waters to thrilling rides and lodging and dining options.

Costs For Rafting In Arkansas

The Arkansas River starts its voyage in Colorado's Rockies, where it's fed by the winter snowfall that accumulates across the Continental Divide's spectacular peaks.

White water rafting around the upper Arkansas stream is both thrilling and relaxing.

The Royal Gorge Trip

  • Cost- $99+
  • Timing Slots- 8 am; 12:30 pm
  • Age Limit- Depending on the water levels, over 13 and 16 years

The Bighorn Sheep Canyon Trip

  • Cost- $89+
  • Timing Slots- 8 am; 9 am; 12:30 pm; and 1:30 pm
  • Age Limit- Depending on the water levels, over 6 years

The Clear Creek Rafting Trip

The accessibility of Clear Creek causes it to be stand apart. Throughout the excursion, readers are prone to come and encounter the neighborhood bighorn sheep and otters.

From mid-May to late August, Clear Creek Rafting Co. provides day trips. Although the water's modest and deceptive “stream” title, visitors may discover all kinds of rafting here, from novice patches well suited for youngsters to exciting challenges through to Class V and some of the fiercest rapids visitors might make an effort to fight. Visitors can head to Idaho Springs, an old mining town, for a decent starting place.

Costs For Rafting In Clear Creek

The Clear Creek introductory rafting excursion features a variety of gentle whitewater rushes, spectacular scenery, and some relaxing float water. It is an excellent choice for beginners, families, and groups of varied abilities.

Beginners 1/3 Day Rafting Trip

  • Cost- $62 For Adults
  • $57 for 12 years and under
  • Age Limit- With respect to the water levels, over Many years

Intermediate 1/2 Day Rafting Trip

  • Cost- $72
  • Age Limit- Depending on the water levels, over 14 years

Advanced 1/2 Day Rafting Trip

  • Cost- $89
  • Age Limit- With respect to the water levels, over 16 years

The Rio Grande Rafting Trip

The Rio Grande River is the seventh biggest river in the usa, spanning 1,760 miles in america. It stretches in the Gulf towards the picturesque San Juan Hills, where tourists can hike a number of Colorado's best scenic hikes.

The upper box portion of the stream, Classes III through IV, is fantastic for competent rafters, but the bottom stretch is much softer and more family-friendly. Creede, a quaint, historic town, is a favorite starting point. This community began like a mining town like many more in high altitude.

Costs For Rafting In Rio Grande

Excellent birdwatching and wildlife observing, historic Rio Grande historic rock art, arid freshwater springs, and the Racecourse's renowned rapids are all in this rafting trip. It is a terrific full-day activity for families, novice rafters, and groups because of the mixture of these factors.

  • Cost- $100 Adults; $90 Children
  • Age Limit- 5 years and above

Rafting in Colorado is one of the best places in america for beginners for river rafting. Tourists can decide on a wide range of activities to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.