9 Fun Things To Do In Puerto Rico Come july 1st

There are lots of good reasons to visit Puerto Rico! With pleasant weather, a vibrant culture, and beautiful sandy beaches, Puerto Rico is really a destination that’s fit for travelers seeking an exotic refuge. Simultaneously, this tropical destination is quite affordable compared to other Caribbean locales, so it’s ideal for a summer holiday for the budget-friendly traveler. Visitors can leave their worries behind while sipping cocktails on the beach. Alternatively, travelers can watch the beautiful Puerto Rican sunset while dining in a ritzy beach resort. That’s why tourists going to the area of Enchantment come july 1st may enjoy these exciting activities!

9 Enjoy The Beach

With pleasant weather year-round, experiencing the beaches in Puerto Rico is just second nature! With over 300 beaches on the island, visitors have ample options with regards to enjoying the perfect beach day! For white-sand beaches, Culebra’s family-friendly Flamenco Beach may be the approach to take. However, for a surfer’s paradise, Rincón’s Domes Beach is renowned for catching the best waves in Puerto Rico.

8 Explore El Yunque National Forest

This tropical rainforest has it all—pristine rivers, lush tropical greenery, and breathtaking views of Puerto Rico’s mountainous regions. El Yunque National Forest has a ton of hiking trails, studded with scenic landmarks which are meant for the peace-seeking traveler. Hike through La Coca Trail to enjoy the forest’s natural ponds or take a use the lagoon along El Angelito trail. You never know, tourists might even spot a number of Puerto Rico’s unique wildlife, including the coquí frog. Enjoy a relaxing rainforest hike in the National Forest or get an adrenaline rush and revel in nature’s waterslide in the park!

7 Discover Old San Juan

Puerto Rico is indeed a destination with incredible natural landscapes and coastal views. But it’s also home to several centuries of rich history. That’s why tourists heading to the Land of Enchantment come july 1st must visit Old San Juan, also known as San Juan Antiguo or Viejo San Juan. This world-famous Puerto Rican neighborhood hosts five centuries worth of history with historic landmarks such as the Castillo San Felipe del Morro or La Fortaleza, also known as the Fortress. The neighborhood also provides romantic coastal sights of Puerto Rico, leisurely walking routes, and shopping boutiques. Don’t forget to try some bold Puerto Rican dishes while seeking Old San Juan!

6 Snorkel With the Coral Reefs

Puerto Rico is home to beautiful beds and fields of coral reefs, just awaiting tourists to understand more about them. Popular snorkel excursions include the Cayo Icacos on Fajardo. Found on Puerto Rico’s new england, this white-sand beach is another natural reserve, which makes it perfect for snorkeling. Tortuga is also a special gem in Puerto Rico, known for its population of green turtles, which can be witnessed through a simple snorkeling excursion. Travelers may even go jet snorkeling and satisfy the gentle sea turtles!

5 Relax On the Catamaran

Looking for a chance to unwind while experiencing the Puerto Rican sun? The area offers tourists several ways to do this, especially on the catamaran. Sail on the catamaran towards Icacos Island and revel in lunch with a handful of island-inspired cocktails. Many excursions likewise incorporate a chance to take it easy on the beach and snorkeling opportunities. Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with only sitting back and feeling the cool ocean breeze as the catamaran travels from island to island.

4 Walk To The Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

Travelers can seem to be like they’re at the edge of the planet as they’re walking toward the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse. Situated in Cabo Rojo, the lighthouse (also referred to as Faro Los Morillos de Cabo Rojo) is situated atop a white lime cliff, which rewards hikers having a panoramic look at the rich Caribbean Sea. The ocean winds, paired with the white sands and the chill Puerto Rican vibe get this to landmark a must-see for visitors.

3 Take A Bioluminescent Tour

Go with the family and take a thrilling bioluminescent tour of Mosquito Bay in Vieques. This excursion is done during the night, inside a dark environment where tourists can witness the majesty of glowing organisms, including jellies, fish, and dinoflagellates. Guests can also be at the front row of this beautiful phenomenon because they’ll be kayaking across the bay. Overall, bioluminescent tours will truly glow up any vacation!

2 Zipline With the Jungle

Adrenaline seekers can head to the Toro Verde Adventure Park to test their hand at the local zipline. Also known as “The Monster” this mighty zipline will take guests through the canopies and jungle vegetation of Puerto Rico, traveling at incredible speeds along with among the longest zippiness in the world! This exciting and adrenaline-rushing zipline is situated in Orocovis and is under an hour or so away from the bustling city of San Juan.

1 Go Horseback Riding

Traveling with family, friends, or young children? Horseback riding is an activity that may not be as thrilling as horseriding but is still a ton of fun for everyone. Horseback riding in Puerto Rico creates a calming, yet enjoyable experience, as guests can ride horses with the island’s mountains or beach shores. Find the perfect tour horse riding excursion in Vieques to explore Esperanza or explore the countryside on horseback in the Carabalí Rainforest Park.